Burger Club Round-up: Bobby Flay

Burger Club: Bobby Flay

The last burger challenge of the summer is going out with a bang! Bobby Flay’s burgers are the star of the show this time around with an average rating of 3 stars out of 4 (I’m sorry, Bobby!). I was hoping for a higher rating for Bobby…but nobody’s perfect and we all have different tastes. What may be a 4 star burger for one person may only be a 2 for another.

The burger club will be on temporarily hold as I meant for it to be a summer event. Look for it to start up again late spring/early summer of next year. Or maybe, just maybe, I’ll revive it for a surprise round before then…

Just a reminder that the burgers are rated on a four point system:

1 Star = Didn’t like and wouldn’t make again.
2 Stars = Liked but wouldn’t make again.
3 Stars = Liked and will make again.
4 Stars = Loved! Will make often.

Kim of Stirring the Pot made Bobby’s Crunchburger, his signature burger that is topped with potato chips and a horseradish mustard mayo. Kim rated it 3.5 stars “It was definitely a terrific, messy, and delicious burger!”  Pay a visit to Kim for more delicious details and to find out what happened when she met Bobby Flay.

Crunchburger @ Stirring the Pot

Joanne of Eats Well With Others made Bobby’s Turkey Burger with Brie and Granny Smith Apples. Joanne rated it 4 stars “Although I would say this burger is kind of cheating the system.  It is stuffed with brie.  Did I mention that?  Enough said.”

Brie and Granny Smith Burgers Eats Well With Others

Megan of Megan’s Cookin‘ made the Turkey Burgers with Brie and Granny Smith Apples too. Megan rated it 3.5 stars “Was it the best burger I ever ate? No, but it was tasty and I’ll make it again. I liked that it used turkey meat instead of hamburger. I liked the sweetness of the apples with the mingle of Brie. I liked the toasted bread instead of a bun.”

Turkey Burger with Brie and Grilled Apples Megan's Cookin

Chris of Nibble Me This made Bobby’s Santa Fe Burger and rated it 3 stars “This is basically a chili verde burger with a cheese sauce and blue corn tortilla chips crumbled on top to “crunchify” it in Bobby’s terms. I probably would have gone with a 4 Star rating but I made a similar sauce on my own last year that uses my smoked pepper jack cheese and that sauce outshines this one. The crunchiness of the tortilla chips didn’t distract like I thought they might…”

Santa Fe Burger Nibble Me This

Brenda of Brenda’s Canadian Kitchen made the Cheyenne Burger “First of all, this is one honkin’ big burger!!  But was it good?  It was, but because of the bbq sauce.  We REALLY liked Bobby’s bbq sauce.  We thought it was outstanding.” Brenda gave it 2 stars ” The actual burger was nothing special.  No seasoning or anything, just ground beef (or turkey). It’s the bbq sauce that made it.  Without the bbq sauce it was just a bacon cheeseburger with an onion ring.” 

Cheyenne Burger Brenda's Canadian Kitchen

Barbara of Barbara Bakes also made the Cheyenne Burger “The Cheyenne burger is basically a BBQ bacon cheeseburger with the addition of onion rings.” Barbara gave it 3.5 stars “We loved it, and I did make it again.  The only reason I didn’t give it a 4 star rating is because I missed having at least all little veggies on my burger.”

CheyenneBurger Barbara Bakes

Susan of A Kenetic Energetic but not Genetic Diabetic made Bobby’s Hamburger with Double Cheddar Cheese, Grilled Vidalia Onions and Horseradish Mustard and held her own burger throwdown. She rated it a 2 “I am remaining unbiased even though I have met Bobby and I simply adore him. If you want to catch a glimpse, just eat at Bar American on a Saturday at around 9-10 PM when he comes in to cook. Yes, he actually cooks in his restaurant and he’s so cool about signing books and menus and taking pics. If I sound like a groupie, I am.”

Double Burger A Kenetic Energetic but not Genetic Diabetic

Lee Ann of Mangos, Chili and Z made Bobby’s Juicy Texas Burger. A barbecue basted burger with coleslaw on top “First of all, I’m pretty darn picky about coleslaw…I have to admit, Chef Flay’s coleslaw is a nice recipe and I’ll be using it from now on…His version is no fuss and yummy.” Lee Ann rated it 3 stars ” I followed Chef Flay’s instructions to the T and I must say this is one mighty fine burger and will be my first pick when I’m wanting a fancified burger.”

Juicy Texas Burger Mangoes Chili and Z

Louanne of Louannes’ Kitchen made Pressed Cuban Style-burgers “It is a delicious burger, truly, it is, I mean really, it’s a burger topped with ham, Swiss cheese, dill pickles, and an incredibly tasty mayonnaise on a pressed & toasted bun. What’s not to like? Nothing.” Louanne rated it 2 stars. “However, the very ingredients that make it so delicious are the same ingredients that make it so incredibly rich, as in so rich that I could only eat a quarter of it.”

Pressed Cuban Style Burgers Louanne's Kitchen

Jamie of Mom’s Cooking Club made Bobby’s Sliders with Chipotle Mayonnaise and rated them 3 stars “You can add your favorite cheese, pickles and red onion slices.  I used extra sharp cheddar cheese, pickles and the chipotle mayo. The mayonnaise was quick to prepare and it was a nice condiment change to our regular ketchup and mustard.  The chipotle mayo gave the burger a little heat and smokiness.”

Sliders with Chipotle Mayo Mom's Cooking Club

I made Bobby’s Arthur Avenue Burgers. Topped with fresh arugula, a crispy frico and his spicy fra diavolo ketchup.  The ‘frico’ is a pan-fried cheese crisp that is salty, chewy and irresistible. The special ketchup adds a sweet and spicy element that is really the star of the show. Bold and sassy, it also makes the best dipping sauce for fries or onion rings. I rated it 4 stars!

Bobby Flay's Arthur Avenue Burger

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