The Burger Free For All Round-up!

The Burger Club Free For All has eleven burger entries this time around. I’d say it was a success! It’s enough to make me want to continue with the burger club…there’s a little hint at the bottom of the post as to what the next challenge will be.

Here is a wide variety of burger recipes to make your mouth water…there’s something for everyone including beef, turkey, bean and even a fish slider! Chipotle seems to be a very popular ingredient, cropping up over and over again…

Lauren of Healthy Food For Living made her Chicken Parmesan Burgers. Lauren says “I kept the burger mixture nice and simple, using neither eggs nor breadcrumbs as a binding. The ground chicken remains juicy and moist thanks to a generous amount of marinara sauce cooked right into the meat. A touch of red pepper flakes and Italian seasoning adds a gentle spice to the chicken and the toasted garlic-dusted ciabatta rolls make for a perfect burger bun.”

Chicken Parmesan Burger @ Healthy Food For Living

Angie of Angie’s Healthy Living Blog made Black Bean Burgers with Chipotle Mayo. Angie says “After dressing the burgers up, Kaitie was asking for seconds, and Andrew was asking why I don’t make them more often!  So this recipe is such a keeper!!!  I love when my kids like what I make!”

Black Bean Burgers @ Angie's Healthy Living Blog

Ivy of Kopiaste made her Greek Juicy Beer Burgers. Ivy’s secret ingredient is beer and these are made with turkey. Ivy says “I think that these are by far the best turkey burgers I’ve made until now as although they were baked in the oven uncovered, they were still juicy and delicious.”

Greek Beer Burgers @ Kopiaste

Shamrock and Shenanigans made Chili Stuffed Burgers. Cream cheese and green chiles are stuffed into the center of the burgers, grilled and then slathered with chipotle mayo.

Chili Stuffed Burgers @ Shamrock and Shenanigans

Carl of Recipe Addict also made a stuffed burger; a Garlic and Herb Cheese Stuffed Burger. Carla says “I made 4 patties,with a pocket (indentation) in the middle of them. Filled the pocket of two of the patties with the garlic herb cheese. Seal with the patties that have no cheese. Sprinkled with Paula Deen’s House Seasoning , which we keep on hand in a large canister to fill a smaller shaker with. Then throw on the grill and cook to your desired temperature. We served these on french bread with crisp romaine leaves and sliced red onions. These were delicious.”

Garlic and Herb Cheese Stuffed Burger Recipe @ Recipe Addict

Brenda over at Brenda’s Canadian Kitchen made Chicken Kiev Burgers with Russian-Style Slaw. Brenda says “In the center of these chicken burgers is a dab of herbed butter which adds wonderful flavour and keeps these burgers from being dry, which chicken burgers sometimes can be. The Russian-style slaw is a great accompaniment and I suggest eating these burgers as we did, with the slaw piled right on the bread, along with the burger. We ate these open-faced on our favourite garlic-Parmesan Texas toast. This was a wonderful recipe, I can’t wait to make these burgers again!”

Chicken Kiev @ Brenda's Canadian Kitchen

Debbi, a loyal burger club member of Debbi Does Dinner…Healthy & Low Calorie sent over two recipes. Her first are these Turkey Black Bean Burgers. Debbi says “So with mashed up beans, onions, zucchini and peppers, these were a complete hit! They were packed with veggies but still had meat so hubs wouldn’t complain!”

Turkey Black Bean Burger @ Debbi Does Dinner

Debbi’s second are these Grilled Pizza Burgers. Debbi says “Everyone loves pizza, everyone love burgers. Put them together and it’s awesome. Seriously good stuff.”

Pizza Burger @ Debbi Does Dinner

Barbara of Barbara Bakes, another loyal member made Southwest Chipotle Burger Sliders. Barbara says “I love the combination of cool and creamy and hot and spicy in this burger. This time around I changed it up and used little sourdough rolls from Winco and made mile high sliders. Be sure and have lots of napkins handy for this one. It’s definitely a juicy, delicious, messy burger. Definitely a four star burger.”

Southwest Chipotle Burgers Sliders @ Barbara Bakes

Kim of Stirring the Pot who also shared hosting duties with me made Ellie Krieger’s Better Burger with Green Olives. Kim says “Ellie’s burger is flavored with coarsely chopped green olives, parsley, and cumin. Not only is this a unique combination of flavors, it is delicious. The olives give the burger that briney, salty flavor while adding some extra texture and the cumin gives the burger a nice smoky flavor. I served my burger on a whole wheat bun with lettuce, sliced red onion and mayo. I loved this burger. I loved it so much that I ate 2 of them! Not so virtuous, I know…but I’m just trying to keep it real! I have to give this burger the highest burger club rating, which is a 4!! I’m already craving another one!”


I made Salmon Sliders with Lemon Dill Cream Cheese. If you’re looking for something a little different to perk up a summer-time meal then look no further! These Salmon Sliders are quick, easy and fairly inexpensive to make. Their light and healthy yet satisfying and delicious. They can be served hot or cold, slider-style, in a pita or on a salad. I ate the leftovers right from the refrigerator the next day and they were totally delectable.

Salmon Sliders with Lemon Dill Cream Cheese

Your hint for the next challenge: Bobby Flay! The next challenge will be to make any of Bobby’s burgers and rate them. I will officially announce the challenge in a post with the link-up in the next week or so. In the mean time you can get a head start if you like. I have my eye on the Arthur Avenue Burger

Thank you all for eating burgers with me! xoxo

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