Almond Joy Brownies

Almond Joy Brownies

Almond chocolate chip brownies topped with a thick, chewy layer of sweet coconut and a milk chocolate topping. … [Read more...]

Berry Fudgy Brownies

An incredibly rich and fudgy brownie with a deep chocolate flavor embellished with the tart flavor of cranberries. The tart berry makes the perfect counterpoint to a super sweet brownie and are an unexpected but lovely surprise.I used frozen, leftover cranberry sauce from Christmas, but a berry … [Read more...]

Supernatural Brownies

I have been wanting to make this recipe ever since my September issue of Saveur arrived. It contains an article written by Dana Bowen that attempts to trace the history of brownies. I say attempt because there is no sure origin. It could be a fire in a Chicago hotel caused a harried cook to combine … [Read more...]