Double Chocolate Chip Walnut Oatmeal Cookies

It’s no secret I have a serious sweet tooth. A sweet tooth that demands dessert every day. Plunk a plate of cookies down in front of me and my sweet tooth won’t even bat an eye. Cookies just aren’t enough to satisfy it. Until now.

Double Chocolate Chip Walnut Oatmeal Cookies meet my sweet tooth…. 

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Giant Chocolate Cloud Cookies

To say eating one of these is a sure-fire way to cure any and all your chocolate cravings would be an understatement. Being over 3 inches in diameter and almost an inch tall, they’re bigger than the palm of my hand! I can’t help but love that.

Touted by Martha Stewart as chocolate sugar cookies, mine didn’t spread out into the thin cookie shown in her picture. Instead, they baked up ginormous! Cookies gone wild…. 

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Chocolate Chip Coconut Crunch Cookies

Lately I’ve been having weird and specific baking cravings. Ones for coconut with chocolate. I know, I know.  That’s not that  weird. But it is a combination I haven’t really baked with. Coconut for me has always meant vanilla or lime.

Coconut + chocolate = unexplored territory. I set out to right the wrong.

As a result coconut flakes and chocolate have been flying left and right in my kitchen…. 

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White Chocolate Peppermint Biscotti

Festive biscotti laced with the cool, zinginess of peppermint and balanced with the sweetness of white chocolate, perfect for Christmas morning and worthy of gracing your holiday cookie platter.

Biscotti are dry, crunchy cookies destined for dunking into coffee, tea or dessert wine. They were traditionally made without fat and twice baked to produce a hard cookie. The cookie dough is baked into a long loaf the first time, cooled, then sliced and baked a second time to make them nice and crunchy…. 

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Homemade White Chocolate Samoa Girl Scout Cookies

Homemade Samoa Girl Scout (caramel deLites) with white chocolate instead of dark and a toasted coconut caramel topping. The best cookies I ever made or ate. In my entire life.

Hidden underneath a chewy caramel-coconut-candy topping is a soft, buttery cookie with a white chocolate bottom. When Girl Scout cookies see these coming they hide in the corner, heads hung in shame. If I packaged them I would be rich. Filthy rich…. 

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Monster Marshmallow Cookies

Monster Marshmallow Cookies are chock full of hearty ingredients like oats, rice cereal, chocolate chips, pecans and marshmallows. Every bite is bursting with all sorts of scrumptiousness! They fast became favorites in my house.

Aside from cake, cookies rank as the second most sought after sweet in my house. Not something you would know from reading my blog, because I haven’t given them even half the attention they deserve…. 

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