Lavender Vanilla Sugar Cookies

If you find these Lavender Vanilla Sugar Cookies half as charming as I, you will be inspired to brew a pot of companion tea and relax the rest of the day as your worries slip away. Lavender infuses these soft, buttery cookies with a unique flavor and while the aroma is exactly like a bubble… 

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Cranberry White Chocolate Biscotti

Biscotti are long, hard Italian cookies that usually get dunked in coffee and sometimes wine before eating to soften them up. They get their distinctive crispiness from a double-baking process. They are formed into a log for the first baking, then they are sliced and baked a second time. The crispiness can be controlled on… 

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Chocolate Bon Bon Cookies a.k.a. Rudolph’s Red Nose Cookies

Rudolph's Red Nose BonBon Cookies

    A rich, candy-like chocolate cookie topped with vanilla frosting and a red peanut m & m reminiscent of Rudolph’s red nose. These cookies are nothing short of extraordinary! Dutch processed cocoa really makes the chocolate flavor pop. The cookies have the consistency of fudge and a taste to match.

Vanilla Crescent Cookies

Vanilla Crescents or Vanillekipferli are an old Viennese traditional cookie made with ground almonds and fresh vanilla beans. The dough is shaped by hand into crescents before baking and then dusted with copious amounts of vanilla sugar after. They’re buttery like shortbread, nutty and soft, much like a Mexican wedding cookie or a Russian tea… 

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Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tate’s Bake Shop is Southampton’s favorite bakery! Founder, owner and baker Kathleen King makes all of Tate’s baked goods from the finest ingredients, just the way she made them when she was 11-years old and first started selling cookies at her family’s farm stand. Her business has expanded a lot since then to include cakes,… 

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Leftover Halloween Candy Bar Cookies

What’s better than leftover Halloween candy? Giant Halloween candy cookies packed with pieces of kit kats, peanut butter cups and walnuts! That’s what! While I usually prefer a soft cookie like Nestle toll-house, I really enjoyed these. Crisp around the edges and chewy in the middle, they take a little more time to eat than… 

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Italian Pizzelle Cookies

Pizzelles are thin, flat, round Italian cookies traditionally flavored with Anise. They are made using a Pizzelle Iron that gives them a waffle like appearance and imprints them with a pretty pattern. We make them for holidays and special occasions.My Grandma was the pro in the family and never failed to show up, no matter… 

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