A South-of-the-Border Taco Lasagna

A casserole that is certain to perk up a routine taco night and make it extra special! The 'lasagna' is made by layering seasoned taco meat in a baking pan between corn tortillas with black beans, corn, cheddar cheese and taco sauce, then baked off. The result is a hearty and rustic dish reminiscent … [Read more...]

Spicy Gazpacho with Lime Shrimp

Gazpacho is a raw, cold soup made with the freshest tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers you can lay your hands on. This version is spiced up with jalapenos and seasoned with cilantro and limes. Not only is it a Spanish classic but it's one of the most refreshing, no-cook, summer soups I know … [Read more...]

Picadillo with Mexican Rice

A set of Tex-Mex style recipes for Picadillo and Mexican Rice adapted from the Los Barrios Family Cookbook straight from the heart of San Antonio, Texas. Picadillo is found in Spanish and Latin American cooking and every country has their own version. Made from ground beef with garlic, onions, … [Read more...]

Taco Soup

I wish I could cook up clever and creative names for my recipes. I'm going to make that my foodie resolution for the new year. My names are so boring. I mean Taco Soup? Really? Does that pique your interest? It feels plain and uninspired. I could name it Reeni Soup; it worked for Ceaser and his … [Read more...]