How I love Moon to the Moon and Back (SHEBA® Cat Food Review)

Moon Reviews Sheba Cat Food “What being a cat owner means to me” can be summed up in a few short sentences. First and foremost it means giving Moon the best possible life I can, and treating him like he is part of the family. That includes feeding him premium cat food, giving him plenty of toys to play, brushing his fur (that smells like baby powder naturally) every day so he doesn’t get fur balls, making sure he has lots of cozy places to sleep and giving him my undivided attention whenever he wants it. In other words, it means spoiling him rotten every single chance I get because he deserves and expects the best…. 

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Moon the Kitchen Cat Loves SHEBA® Cat Food

Moon Loves SHEBA Cat Food My cat, Moon, is a kitchen cat. This is how he got his nickname:

1. He runs to the kitchen when he hears me in there even if he was in the middle of a deep sleep.

2. Every time I eat, he expects to eat too and will pester me with non-stop meowing, pawing at me with close-up, intense staring.

3. He’s tall enough to stand with his paws perched on the edge of the kitchen table where he is eye-to-eye with whatever I’m eating.

4. He’s been known to steal food off my unattended plate!

5. When I’m on a cooking marathon, even if it lasts all day, he is my constant company. I repay him by letting him taste test, when appropriate.

6. When I go into the refrigerator he likes to look inside too. I wonder what he’s thinking when he does that? Maybe “How come you have hands and all I have are these paws that are no good at opening SHEBA® cat food cans?” … 

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SHEBA® Cat Food Review

Moon the Kitchen Cat Loves Sheba Moon the Kitchen Cat was recently asked to try SHEBA® Entrées for Cats featuring three delicious lines: Cuts in Gravy, Patés, and Gravy Desires™ entrées, each featuring recipes made from carefully selected, quality ingredients.

Moon taste tested SHEBA® Patés in chicken and salmon flavors. He loved them both! He started things off with the sniff test followed by the lick test, followed closely by greedy gobbling like he hadn’t eaten in a week and never tasted anything so delectable in all his life. Quite possibly, he hasn’t.

When he was all done he jumped up on the kitchen chair where the SHEBA® cans were sitting and gave me a stare down that said open up another one of these cans for me. Now. When that didn’t work he sat down in the middle of the kitchen and meowed his head off for more.

Moon & Sheba Cat Food I’m happy about that because all SHEBA® recipes are formulated without grains, corn, gluten, fillers or artificial flavors. All the things I look for when shopping for his food. It’s been hard to find a brand he consistently likes with high quality ingredients that I like. Looking at his healthy size you would never guess that he’s a picky eater or that he’s ever missed a meal. Don’t worry, he hasn’t.

No matter how hungry he is if he doesn’t like the food he won’t take more than one bite of it, leaving me with a cranky cat and wasted money. That food goes in the garbage and a new can gets opened. Sometimes I open three different ones in a night. Yes, he’s spoiled rotten and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Nothing is too good for the love of my life. All SHEBA® Entrées are held to a high standard ensuring a premium meal that your cat is guaranteed to love, or you’ll receive your money back.

Since SHEBA® cat food came into our lives this isn’t a problem anymore and the stress of picking out food in the pet store is over. I’m stocking up on SHEBA® from here on out!

Moon gets to eat irresistibly delicious food that he absolutely loves and I have peace of mind from knowing that I’m feeding him premium cat food with real meat as the first ingredient.

SHEBA® cat food comes highly recommended from the both of us.

Sheba Cat Food Review

What do you look for in the food you feed your pets?

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