White Focaccia Pizza with Zucchini

A pizza recipe with a delicious little twist on tradition. If you're looking for something a little different for pizza night, like I was, then this is just the thing. Instead of pizza dough this uses focaccia, skips the red sauce and uses three different types of cheese. And the topping? Zucchini. … [Read more...]

Chorizo and Potato Pan Pizza Recipe

This robust pizza is packed with chorizo sausage, potato and mozzarella cheese piled high on a thick anchor of dough with a generous amount of sauce and baked in a cast-iron skillet. If you don’t have a cast-iron skillet you can use a cake pan, although the flavor and crispiness that well-seasoned … [Read more...]

Crunchy Pizza Dough Croutons

I'm bringing you a simple recipe for croutons that are made by pan-frying little pieces of pizza dough and tossing them in Parmesan cheese. While the method is simple the outcome is not. I taste tested one three before adding them to my salad and was quite tempted to eat them all straight away - one … [Read more...]

White Pizza with Tomatoes and Onions

We eat pizza at least once a week in my house. A few weeks ago we stepped away from our usual pizza and tried a new type of pizza at a new pizzeria. It was white pizza. While I'm not debating that it was delicious, I knew I could recreate one just as good if not better using my own two hands. A … [Read more...]