Chinese Sesame Shrimp

Chinese Sesame Shrimp

I’m forever scanning Chinese restaurant menus for sesame shrimp! You know, with crispy fried shrimp instead of the usual chicken, coated with the very same sauce. I guess it’s not a thing. . .yet. I did what anyone with an incessant craving would do and made it myself! I used my lightened up sesame chicken…

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Maple Mustard Glazed Shrimp

Broiled Maple Mustard Shrimp

Maple mustard shrimp is a low-maintenance, quick cooking dish dependent on buying shrimp already cleaned. The glaze takes a mere 5 minutes to throw together and the trip under the broiler less than 10. We all need more of these no-fuss recipes in our lives! Recipes with wildly delicious big flavors.