Side Dish Showdown #1: February

I'm thrilled at the response to the Showdown! I wasn't sure at first if there would be a second month or not. It all depended on you. And you came through. I have a lovely set of side dishes to wow you with.Lori of Fake Food Free made her healthy and delicious Smoky Sautéed Kale & Mushrooms. It … [Read more...]

More Macaroni and Cheese, Please

This is an easy, straight-forward, classic Macaroni and Cheese recipe. There's nothing fancy about it, even though for a quick moment I considered using an 'upscale' cheese. The thought was quickly dismissed. Don't get me wrong I love a fancy mac 'n' cheese. But sometimes I crave simple … [Read more...]

Roasted Lemon Potatoes: Side Dish Showdown

Just a simple side dish today to kick off my Side Dish Showdown monthly blogger event. This pairs potatoes with lemons. A rarity. When I think of potatoes I don't often never think of lemons. So when I saw just this very thing in my new issue of Food Network magazine it immediately sparked my … [Read more...]