Five Faves to Follow

Five Faves to Follow on Pinterest

Are you caught up in the phenomenon known as pinterest like I am? I say good morning and good night to it. It's one of the first places I visit upon waking, eyes still bleary with sleep as I sip on a giant mug of tea and slowly wake up. It's usually my last stop before signing off for the night and … [Read more...]

What’s Your I.D.? I’m Almond Joy!

International Delight Almond Joy Coffee Creamer

You can find one of my favorite flavor profiles in an almond joy! Milk chocolate, creamy coconut and toasted almond, the trio together is heavenly bliss! Especially in desserts, the place I find myself using them together again and again. … [Read more...]

Baking Partners: A New Baking Group

Baking Partners

Hello my lovely friends! No recipes today just a post to let you know about the new baking group I'm a part of with an invitation for you to join in! Our main goal is to learn new techniques and improve our baking skills. The idea comes from my talented friend … [Read more...]