Chocolate Flan Cake with Caramel and Walnuts

Chocoflan with Duce de Leche and Walnuts

Chocoflan combines the very, very best of two worlds! This cake features a moist chocolate cake topped with a rich and silky flan with sticky dulce de leche sauce and crunchy walnuts. It’s a double decker dessert that is sinfully decadent and is certain to satisfy any, if not all of your dessert cravings.

Flan is a creamy, somewhat delicate, cooked egg custard made with condensed and evaporated milks, typically flavored with vanilla. To make this chocoflan caramel is added to a bundt pan first, followed by the cake batter, then the flan is poured over top and baked in a bain marie or water bath. Where magic happens. The flan sinks to the bottom and the cake rises to the top. When turned out of the pan the flan winds up on top with the oozing caramel.

Dulce de Leche is a milk caramel made from condensed milk. You can make your own or find it in the Spanish food section of your market with the baking products, it comes in a can and sometimes a plastic squeeze bottle. You can also use a thick caramel dessert sauce.

The soft, milky custard and dark, dense cake may seem like an unlikely combination but are insanely good together. Very sweet, a small piece is all it takes to be satisfied. This is an impressive cake to make for a special occasion and I already have plans to make it for the holidays.

This is sometimes served warm but is best served after chilling for 24 hours so plan ahead if you are making it for a special occasion.

Chocoflan with Caramel and Walnuts

Chocolate Cake Flan Recipe
Chocolate Cake Flan Recipe
Chocolate Cake Flan Recipe

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Dulce de Leche Method/Recipe

Chocolate Cake Flan with Caramel and Dulce de Leche

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