Grandma’s Lemon Topped Cheesecake (A Tribute)

I’m doing something a little different from the norm today and sharing a food video with you. A food video called Grandma’s Lemon Topped Cheesecake that brought back strong, sweet and vivid memories of my own Grandma.

Please watch the heartfelt video! It’s beautifully crafted and worth a few minutes of your time.

Visiting my Grandparents was a special occasion and they always treated my sister and I like queens (or princesses).

Grandma served us tea in fancy china cups. The kind you sip with your pinky out. Best of all was the sugar cubes. . .something we never had at home.

There was homemade cream puffs and bakery cannoli. Her special layer cake with cream cheese in the batter served with ice cream.

Trays, piled high, enough to feed a large crowd, of crispy, deep-fried Italian rosettes and pizzelles dusted with powdered sugar, each one perfectly made with her signature pastel mints and Hershey kisses dotted all around the platters.

She always made puddings with plastic over the top so they didn’t form that icky skin with lots of whipped cream on top.

There were savory treats too! Chips and dip. Cheez doodles. Cheese and crackers.

We usually left late at night, lulled to sleep by the long ride home with our bellies full of sugar (and pasta, of course), plates of leftovers clutched to our hearts like treasures and sugar-spun dreams in our heads.

I’d love to hear about a food memory of your own and/or what you thought of the video.

If you would like the cheesecake recipe follow this link to the video on You Tube and click on “show more” under the video.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. says

    Oh I remember those visits well, Reeni. The Lemon Topped Cheesecake looks so pretty.

    Thank you so much for sharing your lovely story…

  2. says

    Beautiful cheese cake, loved the video. I have lot memories with gradma’s cooking and her signature dishes nobody can bring back the magic.

  3. says

    Loved the video. Unfortunately my grandmothers died before I was born so the only memories I have are with my mother. Have you ever whisked a cake by hand? My mother had rheumatisms and pain in her hands so as a little girl I would do that job for her. It took hours (at least I thought so) to make a cake :(

  4. says

    Aren’t Italian grandmas the best? Yours sounds absolutely fabulous and this such a sweet post. And an even sweeter video!

  5. says

    Wonderful post, and goodness, what a wonderful recipe!! I have a friend who always puts something beautiful on the top of her cakes and somehow they are better just because of it. Well done!

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