How Moon Became a Kitchen Cat

I adopted Moon from outside a Walmart when he was 5 weeks old and the size of my hand. His mother was a feral cat who I suspect taught him to forage. In garbage cans.

Without fail, during the first six months of his life, he would knock over our kitchen trash every single night. He carried around discarded food in his mouth, most often banana peels that were bigger than he was. He defended those banana peels with his life,  growling at his big brother if he came near.

When I cooked he used the kitchen drawers like a ladder, climbing up them to cling to the edge of the counter and mew his little head off. Holding on for dear life with his mewing mouth open like a baby bird I would stick little pieces of lettuce, cheese or whatever I was making that was safe for him to eat in his mouth.

His food bowl was never empty of cat food. He could eat all day if he wanted to.

Fast forward to adult Moon who is never far from the kitchen. Kind of like his Mom {me}. When he hears the fridge open he comes running to help you look in it.

He might be part dog, because he begs just like one.

I can’t leave food unattended because he’s been known to:

  • Stick his paw in cream cheese frosting on top of cupcakes then lick it off his paw. Just like a kid.
  • Steal lettuce leaves out of the salad bowl.
  • Jump up and bite my pizza while the other end is in my mouth.
  • Steal the top piece of bread off my sandwich and carry it away.
  • Sit on pizza boxes when pawing them open doesn’t work.

He’s tall enough to stand upright and put his paws on the edge of the kitchen table to check out what your eating.

Did I mention his little pink piglet nose? He sticks it up and sniffs when the aroma of food is in the air.

He keeps me company when I spend long hours in the kitchen cooking for this blog. Like a sous chef.

Maybe it’s wrong to say Moon became the Kitchen Cat when it’s obvious he was born this way.

It was destiny that day outside of Walmart when a cat with a sincere love of food met a future food blogger. Fated.

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  1. Doris says

    Hi Reeni!
    I had never seen this post by your before —so I had to comment. You and Moon were destined to be together. Somehow, we are thrown together in the cosmic universe and this was both your rewards. He is a stunner and I would kiss him if I could! By the way, my hubby and I adopted a Pekingese that was (unbelievably put into a shelter) back in late Sept. If I ever get the laziness out of me I will post his picture. His name is Donny and yes, my two cats, Furby and Scooter, are not happy about the arrangement but they are becoming more accepting. We used to have Pekingeses years ago and when they all passed , my daughter ,Alyssa , brought home a kitten. Donny is incredibly smart and loves us to pieces–we feel the same. Whomever relinquished him to a shelter had to be in dire straits as he was loved and cared for. We are so thankful to have him—another reason to add to my Thanksgiving bounty. Have a wonderful day and enjoy your holiday with Moon. XOX

    • Reeni says

      Hi Doris! Congrats on the new addition to your family! I would love to see a picture of him sometime! He is so lucky to have you! Enjoy your Thanksgiving with all your furbabies! Will they get some turkey too? Moon’s favorite food in the world is turkey – he’ll be feasting too. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment! xoxo

  2. Mary @ Fit and Fed says

    I really miss my cat! He truly had nine lives, was a stray, was taken to the animal shelter where we adopted him (at the time the shelter had a very high kill rate) and had lots of adventures throughout his life, yet lived to an extreme old age. He used to love lying in my garden in the sun. Never thought I could live without a cat, but due to allergies in the family getting worse we will not be able to adopt another one.

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