How to Make Crockpot Chicken Stock

Slow-Cooker Chicken Stock

This is one of the best ways to make stock. Let your crock pot do all the work!  And save some money too because good stock can be expensive. It’s so easy it should be criminal! Throw everything in, cover with water, bring to a boil, and then slow-cook over night or all day. Like magic your house will smell comforting and you’ll have the tastiest stock waiting for you to make soups and stews with.

This recipe is not really a recipe but a basic starting point. If your missing one of the vegetables or have different herbs throw them in. No worries. I’ve made this with just a chicken carcass minus the veggies and herbs. It was amazing all on it’s own and you can add flavor later when you use it in your recipes.

I know this chicken carcass is ugly! But I wanted to show you how it looks.

Slow-Cooker Chicken Stock Begins

 Slow-Cooker Chicken Stock

1 chicken carcass or chicken bones
1 onion, quartered
2-3 cloves garlic, whole
1 carrot, rough chopped/baby carrots/slices
1 stalk celery, cut in thirds, plus the celery leaves
black peppercornsfresh parsley
bay leaf

additional herbs like thyme

Put all the ingredients in your slow-cooker or Nesco, cover with cold water. Start on highest setting, bring up to a boil. Then slow-cook at least five hours on high or overnight on low.
Let cool but while still warm remove the carcass. Pour the broth through a wire strainer. Store in fridge up to five days or freeze. You can season with salt right away or wait until you use it in a recipe. The fat will rise to the top and harden, skim it off before using.

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  1. Debinhawaii says

    My favorite way to make stock is in my slow cooker. I sometimes through in the whole chicken and use it for salad or fillings. So easy and the house does smell great. 😉

  2. says

    Wish I had one of those. I made chicken soup today. The whole house has been sick this weekend! I could have pulled it off yesterday rather than today If I had one of these babies!

  3. gaga says

    I always make my own stock too. I collect bones in the freezer until I need them and haven't used the store-bought stuff in years! I agree that it's so much better.

  4. Meghan says

    I'm so happy to find a recipe for chicken stock in the crockpot! I have always wanted to make stock but it seemed time consuming – this sounds so simple! Thanks!

  5. Dajana says

    Unfortunately I don't have a Crockpot, but I love home made stock, I make it in a normal pot. It's a whole different story. My mother never bought it in a store, I sometimes do.

  6. says

    Great way to make chicken stock full of flavour. I don't have a crockpot but still I can make it in a saucepan.

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