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  1. says

    I want to catnap Moon! Does a prettier kitty exist? Plus, I want a friend for my kitty, Declan. Moon may not be so happy here though because I don’t allow cats in the kitchen. Last time Declan was in there with me, he tried to jump into the oven when I opened it to take something out, and the time before that he stole ham off a plate when I was digging in the fridge. The cooking of said ham involved me being severely splashed and burned by boiling ham glaze and it would have been disastrous if my poor kitty had been at my feet when it happened. Nosy cat and klutzy cat mom do not go together. I’m very glad that you are less clumsy and your cat is less nosy than we are 😀

    Oh and who is the second kitty?

    • says

      That is my Mom’s cat! His name is Spicecake heehee. He is a rescue cat and came with the name which is quite appropriate for our household. Moon insists on being in the kitchen – he would probably bust down the door if I didn’t let him in. Hope you are recovered from being burned! Sounds super painful.

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