1. girlichef says

    I have always wanted to make this! It does sound awesome with the addition of the creamy beans…mmmmm. Good soup to make this summer…thanks :)

  2. Teresa Cordero Corde says

    Reeni, I love this recipe. Ever since I had Zuppa Tuscana at Olive Garden, I developed a fondness for Italian soups. This one sounds great. Thank you friend for the recipe.

  3. Claudia says

    I love this soup and will try every recipe – the addition of the beans – very nice! Since we are freezing in MN (okay, it did hit 60 today) June seems to still be soup time. Definitely will try this!

  4. the ungourmet says

    I think I tried this once years ago. I have never tried to make it.Your recipe is full of so many wonderful things! I always thought it had something to do with weddings. Thanks for the fun info!

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