1. Nazarina A says

    Hi Reeni,You have this comforting demeanor- It shows in this delicious bowl of soup, a soup that would mend all troubles.It is really awesome how we both were thinking of holy matrimony in our posts. Thanks for clearing up the misconception about the history of this dish!

  2. foodcreate says

    Substantial enough to make a filling meal on its own.Perfect soup for Sunday brunch…Delicious"Join our growing food community and submit your heirloom recipe. for all the world to share"Welcome~~ ~

  3. doggybloggy says

    nice – I made this once and posted it and never heard the end of how I didnt do it 'right'…who cares yours looks great mine looked great and thats all that matters.

  4. 5 Star Foodie says

    delicious soup! The meatballs and orzo sound excellent here and the addition of beans is great!

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