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  1. Federica says

    I really think you have good chances of winning dear. Your blog is beautiful and rich of tasty recipes. Surely I'll vote for you, good luck :X !!!

  2. Brenda says

    Good luck Reeni!! You have an awesome blog full of wonderful recipes. I know I look forward to seeing each day what delicious food you'll be sharing with us. And being a total burger freak, I can't wait to see your basil burger post. :o)

  3. says

    Lovely post Reeni. The food is so visually pleasing and I think it really sums up what you blog and why you blog. You will definitely make it to the top and you can count on my vote!

  4. Nia says

    You know, this recipe looks like a western interpretation of a Korean classic dish called hobak jeon which is sliced zucchini dipped in almost a pancake batter and lightly fried.

  5. says

    I'm so excited that you entered the competition! Your blog is informative, full of beautiful pictures, not to mention, delicious recipes, like these zucchini chips. To borrow an old slogan, no one can eat just one!

  6. Cool Lassi(e) says

    You Go Girl. I haven't know your blog for long but I can say, from what I have seen, you have a very good chance of winning that money. Good luck!

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