Review: J. Drizzle Gourmet Popcorn

J. Drizzle Gourmet Popcorn recently sent me 4 bags of handcrafted popcorn to review. J. Drizzle’s popcorn is made fresh to order and hand-tossed in small batches with no preservatives. They make a wide variety of savory, sweet and signature flavors like banana cream pie, dill pickle, garlic parmesan, nacho cheese, milk and cookies, and many more unique flavors. “The Flavor Vault” holds special flavors like zesty ranch, funky monky and ragin’ cajun. Crazy delicious. Don’t you want to try them all?

I’m reviewing peanut butter cup, cinnamon toast crunch, bacon & cheddar and pizza time.

#1 Favorite: Peanut Butter Cup

This chocolate covered popcorn was completely addicting and the first of the bunch to disappear. Although I honestly didn’t taste any peanut butter. You can see what looks like peanut butter drizzled on but the flavor of it disappears and chocolate dominates. But who cares? It’s so irresistibly good, you won’t.
#2 Favorite: Cinnamon Toast

Dusted in cinnamon sugar and tasting very lightly of cinnamon. I loved it. Of course! With one request. More cinnamon. Please! My taste buds are begging you. After all, they don’t call me Cinnamon Girl for nothing. I know cinnamon and this needs more of it.

#3 Favorite: Bacon & Cheddar

Tastes subtly of smoky bacon and cheddar cheese. Two of my favorite things on earth. Although I don’t know how because there’s no bacon in the ingredient list. . .When I eat something with bacon in the name I would like it to have real bacon in it. I’m funny like that.

#4 Favorite: Pizza Time

This flavor was my least favorite. Did it taste like pizza? Yes. And no. Needs more cheese, please. This has cheddar in it, not mozzarella – pizza cheese. I am disappointed to see monosodium glutamate as a flavoring agent, an ingredient I find obnoxious and avoid. The flavor link on the website doesn’t list it. I take issue with that. If I paid for this under the assumption it didn’t have any only to find it did once it arrived. . . to say I would be mad is an understatement.

The popcorn arrives in resealable bags with directions to eat within two weeks because no preservatives are used. As if. Two weeks? You’ll be lucky if you have any left after 2 days. Just try not ripping into the bag immediately. I triple dog dare you. Let me know how that works out.

Once opened it should be eaten within a week. A week after opening my popcorn remains crispy and just as fresh as the day I opened them. Except peanut butter cup. Because there is none left to test. So. Sue me. Just don’t take away my Peanut Butter Cup popcorn. I might cry. Or start a fight. It could go either way. Can I have another bag? Pretty please? It’s the bomb.

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*I received free popcorn to review. This is not a paid review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Debbi Does Dinner Healthy says

    Excellent review!  Love your honest opinions.  Any idea if it is gluten free?  Much as I would love this, I have to say, I need to lose those extra pounds and this would not be good for that! 

    • says

      I didn’t see any gluten free claims. But that doesn’t mean they’re not. These are nice for a special occasion – like the Super Bowl or New Year’s Eve, in my case.

  2. BeadedTail says

    That was a fabulous review Reeni!  I know just what to expect with all those flavors and now I’m wanting peanut butter and chocolate popcorn! 

    We love seeing Moon’s beautiful blue eyes right over there===>

  3. Pegasuslegend24 says

    Wow I will have to try this I have moosemunch in my hand right now macadamia chocolate that dizzle is awesome here huge fan of these kinds of popcorn love it!r

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