SHEBA® Cat Food Review

Moon the Kitchen Cat Loves Sheba Moon the Kitchen Cat was recently asked to try SHEBA® Entrées for Cats featuring three delicious lines: Cuts in Gravy, Patés, and Gravy Desires™ entrées, each featuring recipes made from carefully selected, quality ingredients.

Moon taste tested SHEBA® Patés in chicken and salmon flavors. He loved them both! He started things off with the sniff test followed by the lick test, followed closely by greedy gobbling like he hadn’t eaten in a week and never tasted anything so delectable in all his life. Quite possibly, he hasn’t.

When he was all done he jumped up on the kitchen chair where the SHEBA® cans were sitting and gave me a stare down that said open up another one of these cans for me. Now. When that didn’t work he sat down in the middle of the kitchen and meowed his head off for more.

Moon & Sheba Cat Food I’m happy about that because all SHEBA® recipes are formulated without grains, corn, gluten, fillers or artificial flavors. All the things I look for when shopping for his food. It’s been hard to find a brand he consistently likes with high quality ingredients that I like. Looking at his healthy size you would never guess that he’s a picky eater or that he’s ever missed a meal. Don’t worry, he hasn’t.

No matter how hungry he is if he doesn’t like the food he won’t take more than one bite of it, leaving me with a cranky cat and wasted money. That food goes in the garbage and a new can gets opened. Sometimes I open three different ones in a night. Yes, he’s spoiled rotten and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Nothing is too good for the love of my life. All SHEBA® Entrées are held to a high standard ensuring a premium meal that your cat is guaranteed to love, or you’ll receive your money back.

Since SHEBA® cat food came into our lives this isn’t a problem anymore and the stress of picking out food in the pet store is over. I’m stocking up on SHEBA® from here on out!

Moon gets to eat irresistibly delicious food that he absolutely loves and I have peace of mind from knowing that I’m feeding him premium cat food with real meat as the first ingredient.

SHEBA® cat food comes highly recommended from the both of us.

Sheba Cat Food Review

What do you look for in the food you feed your pets?

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  1. says

    Moon is so ridiculously cute! I just want to pick him up and hug him. Does he like that? My cat meows his head off if I pick him up and hold him for longer than about 3 seconds. He does love sitting on laps, though, and rolls over and lets me rub his belly for a few seconds before getting annoyed :) I feed him dry Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Formula, which has roasted venison and smoked salmon. We adopted our boy in September 2012 and he’s been eating that since we brought him home, I spent days researching which food to give him. He’s been doing great on it. He’s not a picky eater at all, though, and every once in a while I give him canned cat food as a treat! At some point I plan to switch him over to wet food entirely and I just checked out the ingredients and nutrition info for Sheba, doesn’t look bad!

  2. says

    I’m sure that if Duke were a cat he would also like Sheba. Come to think of it, being a dog he would like it even if it is cat food. Love the picture of Moon staring at those cans.

  3. Doris says

    Hello there Ms. Reeni and Moon:
    How does it feel having a celebrity in the family? Moon surely is a gorgeous creature and so glad the food does agree with him. My babies, Scooter and Furby have never tried this brand but because of the enthusiastic ratings from Moon, why not give a try?
    Hope the celeb status does not go to his head—he may want a reality show! Have a happy rest of the week and give big hugs to the Moon person. XOX

    • says

      Hi Doris! Heehee Moon has no idea how famous he is! He’s so humble. I bet your babies would it too! Give them hugs from me and Moon and have a great week! Thanks for stopping by. xoxo

  4. says

    MOON!!! We love seeing your handsome face! We’ve never tried those foods before but we’re certainly picky and have lots of foods here that we’ll no longer eat. We’ll have to try that brand because of your recommendation! Sending you lots of kitty kisses!

    Angel & Isabella

    • says

      Hi Sharla! I bet you they would love this Sheba! Let me know if you give it a try and how it goes. Sending kitty kisses back! xoxo

  5. says

    Love that we’re both all about the kitties today! Both of my boys are picky eaters + they have a wealth of dietary restrictions. This is one of the few wet foods that meets their needs and their taste buds, and definitely the only one that I can easily find.

  6. says

    Moon is adorable, and Sheba cat food must be delicious! We have 2 black cats and I don’t mess with their food as they’re finicky with it. It took a while to find what they like, and I keep it that way. I agree with the premium food with meat and no grains, wish I would’ve tried this brand. Treats are another matter…

    • says

      I love black cats Pam! I had one before Moon and he was a sweetie. I’m really happy with Sheba cat food! It’s been so frustrating throwing out expensive food because he won’t eat it. Have a great day! :-)

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