Side Dish Showdown: July Round-up Part 1

Side Dish Showdown Blogger Event

I’m floored at the response this month to the Side Dish Showdown event! And absolutely thrilled. I had no inkling it would be such a hit when I started. The approximately 60 entries I received this month have caused me to re-think the entire event. It will now be a weekly event held on Saturdays. I’m going to spend the upcoming week revamping things and giving it a makeover. Please watch for the announcement next Saturday where I will reveal more of the details.

The round-up is going to be broken up into three delicious posts! I’m posting them in the order I received them, if you sent me more than one I may not of grouped them together.

Please follow the links through for the recipes and more information on the dishes that appeal to you.

My friend Brad over at made Bacon Hot Sauce Tomato and Corn Relish.

Bacon Hot Sauce Tomato Corn Relish @

Lani at Food: Cooking and Capturing made four different side dishes with okra: Blanched Okra with Non-Cilantro Mayonnaise dip, Blanched Okra with Light Soy Sauce and Wasabi Dip, Fried Okra

Fried Okra

and Okra & Eggplant.

Okra Eggplant @ Food: Cooking and Capturing

 The Country Cook over at Maggie’s Country Kitchen also cooked up Fried Okra with Green Tomatoes.

Fried Okra and Green Tomatoes @ Maggie's Country Kitchen

Emily Z. at EZ Recipes made her Corn and Tomato Salad

Corn and Tomato Salad @ EZ Recipes

Daphne at Food Junkie From Texas made Broccoli with Garlic, Almonds and Asiago Cheese.

Broccoli with Garlic, Almonds and Asiago @ Food Junkie From Texas

Susan at A Kenetic Energetic but not Genetic Diabetic made Hot & Spicy Zucchini Refrigerator Pickles.

Hot & Spicy Zucchini Pickles @ A Kenetic Energetic but not Genetic Diabetic

Priya from Mharo Rajasthan’s Recipes made Baked Eggplant in Yogurt Gravy (Dahi Baigan Bharta).

Baked Eggplant in Yogurt Gravy @ Mharo Rajasthan's Recipes

Catherine of Living the Gourmet made Lemon Potato Salad

Lemon Potato Salad @ Living the Gourmet

Carla of Recipe Addict made a Southwest Bean Salad

Southwest Bean Salad @ Recipe Addict

Sanyukta of Creative Sanyukta made Stuffed n Roasted Indian Bittergourd.

Stuffed n Roasted Indian Bittergourd @ Creative Sanyukta

Emily Z. is back again from EZ Recipes with her Grilled Avocado, Tomato and Red Onion Salad

Grilled Tomato Avocado Salad

Allie from Eat At Allie’s made Cavatappi Pasta Salad

Cavatappi Pasta Salad @ Eat At Allie's

Umm Mymoonah of Taste of Pearl City made Eggplant Tamarind Gravy

Eggplant Tamarind Gravy @ Taste of Pearl City

Apu of Annarasa made Beetroot or Chukander Pachadi.

Beetroot Pachadi @ Annarasa

Torview Toronto made Pumpkin dal Curry

Pumpkin Dal Curry @ Torview Toronto

And a Moist Omelette with Vegetables.

Moist Omelette with Vegetables @ Torview Toronto

Debbi of Debbi Does Dinner…Healthy & Low Calorie made Cheesy Artichokes, Cauliflower & Red Pepper

Cheesy Artichokes, Cauliflower & Red Pepper @ Debbi Does Dinner

Faith of An Edible Mosaic made Vegetable Fritters

Vegetable Fritters @ An Edible Mosaic

Stacia from the Domestic Engineer made Green Bean Bundles

Green Bean Bundles @ Domestic Engineer

Angie of Angie’s Recipes made a Watermelon Leaf Lettuce Salad with Light Feta.

Watermelon Leaf Lettuce Salad w/ Light Feta @ Angie's Kitchen

I made a Southwest Rice Salad with Lemon Dressing

Southwest Rice Salad with Lemon Dressing

Thank you for sending me your amazing dishes! Stay tuned for Part 2.  And I hope to see you next Saturday at my new event! xoxo

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