Side Dish Showdown: Thanksgiving

I’m reviving Side Dish Showdown for the holidays! Link up your side dish posts below from past Thanksgivings or any you feel are appropriate for the holiday. They can be old or new posts and there is no limit. The only qualification I have is that they be a side dish, anything else will be deleted. New posts must include a link back to this post with a reference to Side Dish Showdown.

Here are my side dishes:

Lime and Sage Butter Corn

Sage and Lime Corn

Sausage Cornbread Stuffing

 Cornbread & Sausage Stuffing

Apple Cheddar Mashed Potatoes

Apple-Cheddar Smashed Potatoes

Sour Cream Poppy Seed Noodles

Sour Cream Poppy Seed Noodles

Classic Macaroni and Cheese

Moon's Macaroni & Cheese

Sugar Snap Peas and Sweet Peas with Warm Chili Garlic Vinaigrette 

Sugar Snap Peas and Sweet Peas with Warm Chili Garlic Vinaigrette

Baked Brown Rice with Smoked Gouda and Spinach

Baked Brown Rice w/ Smoked Gouda Cheese & Spinach

Kale w/ Garlic and Cranberries 

Kale w/ Garlic & Cranberries

To add your post to the Linky below use the post’s URL, not your homepage. The ‘name’ should be the name of your side dish, not the title of your blog. After linking up I ask that you return and make sure it linked up correctly and also leave me a comment letting me know you linked up. Any questions can be addressed in the comments, please check back for an answer.

The challenge will end November 30th. I am working on the badge and will have it available here in a day or two. I look forward to seeing all your delicious Thanksgiving-friendly side dishes!

Voting is also open in the Recipe Impossible Challenge I took part in a few weeks ago. I would be grateful if you dropped by and voted for my Butternut Squash and Couscous Patties! Thank-you!

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  1. Kim - Liv Life says

    Reeni, I added the Spicy Sweet Potato Soup. I made it earlier this week and really liked it the first night. But… for lunch the next day I loved it!!! I think it is going to be the first course to our Thanksgiving Dinner, does that make it a side?? (Delete if it's not in the right category!!). I will have to link up our Chopotle Mashed Sweet Potatoes. Last year we did a non-traditional Thanksgiving and had a sort of Tex/Mex style. Ancho Glazed Turkey, the Chipotle Mashed Potatoes and beans!!

  2. BeadedTail says

    MOON!!! So good to see you! All of these dishes look really good but our favorite is the mac and cheese because of the handsome Moon!

  3. megan @ whatmegansma says

    Great sidedish ideas! I'm always looking for new recipes for things like this :)

  4. Claudia says

    The kale,the stuffing, the noodles – I will spend a lot of time here this week as I plan Thanksgiving. You make me wish I was cooking two Thanksgivings (hmmm…thinking about it).

  5. Melynda says

    Reeni I could make a full meal from just your side dishes! Simply wonderful. Side dishes are such an important part of any meal, a showdown seems like the right thing to do.

  6. Kim says

    I'm glad to see side dish showdown is back for the holidays! I'm trying out a new side dish tomorrow and will be sure to link it up.

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