Butternut Squash Soup

Even with spring vegetables beginning to show up in the market there is still an abundance of winter squash available in my neck of the woods. Being priced the lowest I’ve seen all winter, I couldn’t resist bringing home a few. I’m going to keep on eating it as long as I can. 

Aside from that, soup weather is still here and honestly, even if it weren’t I’d still eat it. I’m famous for eating soup during the dog days of summer.… 

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Black Bean and Bacon Soup

Spicy Black Bean and Bacon Soup
With soup season well underway I am taking every opportunity I can to conjure up warming pots of goodness! Given my meal of choice I’ll pick soup nine times out of ten. For me, it’s the most perfect meal. Nothing spells comfort better. I find the act of prepping and cooking soup just as rewarding as the eating.

This hearty, stick-to-your-ribs soup is brimming with black beans, tomatoes, red onion and bacon. It’s lightly spiced with chile powder and cilantro. Black beans have a ton of rich, earthy flavor hiding inside them, an earthiness that is brought out further by the smoky saltiness of bacon…. 

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BLT Spaghetti

A delicious recipe for pasta with all the flavors of the beloved blt sandwich! Linguini pasta is packed with smoky bites of bacon, grape tomatoes, cubes of toasted bread and peppery baby arugula leaves. A creamy, milky sauce made with Parmesan and basil brings it all together to make one of my most memorable pasta creations. A masterpiece. One that I can say with all certainty will be a repeat in my house…. 

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Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Baked Potato Soup

I am really enjoying soup weather! Although someone forgot to tell the roses that are in bloom behind my house that summer’s over. If you love loaded baked potatoes you will love this. Maybe even more. I do. … 

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