Cheesy Baked Chicken Penne


A baked pasta dish that screams out loud of comfort with its creamy cheese sauce, tender pieces of white meat chicken and diced tomatoes. Chances are you have everything on hand to make it right now. Yes, this very minute. Everyone will love it, even the pickiest of eater! It’s like a long lost friend… 

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Roasted Chicken Escabeche


Roasted chicken takes on a whole new life when baked in a zesty escabeche. It’s an entirely new spin on the traditional roasting I’m familiar with. The Mexican escabeche is made of jalapenos that have been pickled with carrots and onions, a recent discovery and one that I love.

Roasted Paprika Chicken


Roasted chicken with paprika, bell peppers, onions and tomatoes is a soul food favorite. The recipe is from Bertha’s Kitchen in North Charleston, a restaurant that has been dishing up Southern hospitality for over 25 years. The moment my eyes alighted upon the recipe in the current issue of Saveur I knew it would be… 

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Andouille Sausage and Chicken Gumbo with Fried Okra

Andouille Sausage & Chicken Gumbo with Fried Okra

  Everything I know about gumbo I learned from John Besh in his book, My New Orleans. I hesitate to call it a cookbook even though it’s packed with recipes. It reads like an autobiography with pages upon pages recounting the cultural traditions he was born and bred on and to this day gives the… 

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Slow Cooker Barbecue Pulled Chicken Sandwiches

Crockpot Barbecue Pulled Chicken

White meat chicken is slowly simmered in a homemade brown sugar barbecue sauce with sliced onions then sandwiched on a soft bun with sharp cheddar cheese. It’s ridiculously easy to prepare using the convenience of a crockpot and works magic on the chicken, causing it to fall apart to the touch. It has an incredible… 

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Crunchy Lemonade Chicken

Crunchy Lemonade Chicken

A recipe for oven-fried chicken with a crunchy lemon and panko coating. A chicken so incredibly tender that every bite will melt in your mouth in a burst of lemon sunshine. Thanks to the marinade.A combination of fresh lemon juice, lemon zest and buttermilk. And to the coating. A mixture of panko, thyme and more… 

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Artichoke Chicken and Parmesan Orzo

Artichoke Chicken with Parmesan Orzo

I have a delicious dinner recipe today for artichoke chicken with parmesan orzo that will quickly become a favorite. The artichoke sauce is started in a skillet and then poured over top of thin chicken cutlets and baked. The sauce is flavored with onion, garlic, white wine, lemon and chicken broth. It is served over… 

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