Chocolate Chip Coconut Crunch Cookies

Lately I’ve been having weird and specific baking cravings. Ones for coconut with chocolate. I know, I know.  That’s not that  weird. But it is a combination I haven’t really baked with. Coconut for me has always meant vanilla or lime.

Coconut + chocolate = unexplored territory. I set out to right the wrong.

As a result coconut flakes and chocolate have been flying left and right in my kitchen…. 

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Thai Coconut Chicken Noodle Soup

An exotic spin on old-fashioned chicken soup that brings the same nourishing, curative comfort we crave from it.

With the addition of coconut milk, edamame, rice noodles, carrot, ginger, lemongrass and cilantro – the homey, comforting flavors of chicken soup are kicked up a notch. Or two.

The coconut laden broth is the best part of the soup; rich, creamy and flavorful with a hint of citrus and a little zing thanks to the ginger…. 

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Homemade White Chocolate Samoa Girl Scout Cookies

Homemade Samoa Girl Scout (caramel deLites) with white chocolate instead of dark and a toasted coconut caramel topping. The best cookies I ever made or ate. In my entire life.

Hidden underneath a chewy caramel-coconut-candy topping is a soft, buttery cookie with a white chocolate bottom. When Girl Scout cookies see these coming they hide in the corner, heads hung in shame. If I packaged them I would be rich. Filthy rich…. 

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Coconut Shrimp with Spicy Orange Dipping Sauce

Fried shrimp coated in coconut flakes and panko crumbs straight from the fryer make me slightly weak in the knees. Biting through the crusty coating into the steaming-hot, succulent shrimp trapped underneath makes me deliriously happy.

The deceptively sweet orange marmalade sauce carries a surprise hint of heat that is a perfect counterbalance for all of the savory sweetness going on…. 

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Toasted Pumpkin Seed Trail Mix

I have a whole shelf in my kitchen stocked entirely with nuts, seeds and dried fruits. At times they threaten to overtake the entire pantry. To say I get a little carried away might be an understatement. I hate running out of any one thing…what if I need it to bake and there isn’t any!? You see my point?

To use up some of the abundance I like to throw together a trail mix. Eating trail mix is more exciting and enticing than simply eating handfuls of individual nuts or fruit…. 

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Coconut Custard Pots de Crème

I am enmeshed in a sinfully-delicious love affair with baked custard or as the French call them pots de crème (poh duh KREHM). A love affair I hope never ends. Every time I have a few leftover egg yolks on hand my mind wanders to these charming little delights that are so easy to make yet yield tremendous results…. 

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