Cinnamon White Chocolate Valentine’s Day Puppy Chow

A valentine’s day puppy chow chex mix with white chocolate and cinnamon plus red hots, conversation hearts and jelly belly beans.

Puppy chow(?) you might be thinking. . .like. . . for dogs(?). . .this puppy chow is for people. . .maybe you know it by a different name. . . does muddy buddies ring a bell? … 

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Cinnamon Red Hot Sugar Cookie Bars

I wanted to make you an early Valentine treat. Something to say I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. So. . . I did. With cinnamon red hots. Remember them? Nothing says I love you better.

Sugar cookie bars with zingy candy red hots baked into the batter with a more than generous layer of cream cheese frosting to top them off…. 

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Loaded Congo Cookie Bars

Thick, dense and chewy cookie bars fully loaded with two kinds of chocolate chips, candy, coconut flakes and nuts. One of the best things about them is they’re fully customizable in an anything goes kind of way…. 

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