Creamy Gnocchi, Butternut Squash and Spinach

Gnocchi with Butternut Squash and Spinach

Clouds of gnocchi nestle themselves in a creamy sauce amongst sweet hunks of butternut squash, tender baby spinach, fresh herbs and Parmesan cheese. Swoon. Lately I am obsessed with gnocchi, little Italian potato dumplings that are soft and pillowy, kind of chewy and in my mind, so versatile. I can’t get enough of them –… 

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Skillet Summer Veggies with Gnocchi

Skillet Summer Veggies with Gnocchi

Fresh vegetables rule in this quick and easy saute! All of your summertime favorites are here including green beans, zucchini, corn, garlic, red peppers and onion. Toss with gnocchi, a potato pasta, for a vibrantly fresh, lovely tasting and filling meal.