Risotto, Pea and Sausage Soup

Risotto Pea & Sausage Soup

A hearty main dish soup with sweet peas, arborio rice and hot Italian sausage. Rich, creamy and flavorful with a hint of sweetness and a touch of spiciness, this is a comforting soup that will satisfy on all levels. … [Read more...]

Italian Meat Sauce and Pasta

Meat Sauce for Pasta

Meat sauce takes me right back to the days of my youth when this would grace our table all the time. It was one of my favorite meals. Then we stopped having it. For whatever reason, a once or twice a month occasion turned into a once a year event. I can't tell you how wrong that is. On so many … [Read more...]

Andouille Sausage and Chicken Gumbo with Fried Okra

Andouille Sausage & Chicken Gumbo with Fried Okra

  Everything I know about gumbo I learned from John Besh in his book, My New Orleans. I hesitate to call it a cookbook even though it's packed with recipes. It reads like an autobiography with pages upon pages recounting the cultural traditions he was born and bred on and to this day gives … [Read more...]

Pasta Puttanesca with Hot Sausage and Bocconcini


Pasta Puttanesca has a dark and murky past! It's said to have origins with Italian "ladies of the night" who used the pungent aroma to lure men into their lair. The story goes on to say they were too busy to shop for fresh ingredients or spend a lot time cooking. The result was a quick dish made … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato and Sausage Stuffing

Sausage and Sweet Potato Stuffing

My Mom's sausage stuffing is renowned. It used to be a once a year happening (Thanksgiving) that I would start dreaming about the moment the last scrap of leftovers were eaten. Once a year wasn't nearly often enough to satisfy me. Only lately Momma Spice has been making stuffing more often. And … [Read more...]